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Recently  I received an uncommon amount of questions from aspiring Dating Artists in regards to the way their homes or apartments should look. Rather than tell each of them individually, I will break down some basic principles here for everyone. Experience tells me that for every one person to ask me about something, there are hundreds who are wondering the same thing.

Many men don’t readily think of this. In fact, most men are horrible in this area. Their home is a hodge podge of mismatched colours, dirty dishes, clothes on the floor, and unadorned walls. As you can guess, if a woman sees this, you will lose much of your refined status in her eyes.

The Dating Artist’s home is designed for two things. To be a comfortable, healing and rejuvenating place for him and to create a safe atmosphere that makes a beautiful woman want to spend a lot of time there. If a woman is disgusted as she looks around your apartment, she will not stay under your spell for long. But if she sees a unique and interesting home that is in line with your persona, it will draw her deeply into you. She is now actually “inside your world”.

These basic ideas will set you on the right path;

Know what good interior design looks like

Look online or get a few interior design magazines. Look at common themes and decide which you would like to include in your home. Based on what you have available, sketch out a small floor plan of how you want things to look.


Dim lighting from lamps or track lighting should be placed along the walls to create areas of light. Overhead lights are harsh. Incandescent bulbs work very well. (Try to avoid black lights, as they scream “teenager!”)


Colors should be muted and masculine. An apartment with a whole bunch of pink is going to make her start questioning things. You don’t want to show her anything incongruous with your image and persona. Make everything fit. Make the whole process smooth.

Two Comfortable Things You Must Have

Skip the reclining chairs and lazy boys. The only two truly comfortable pieces of furniture that you need to own are a comfortable couch and a comfortable bed. This will make a transition much easier than if you have multiple comfortable places to sit in each room.

Spend the money and effort to get quality furniture and cushions here. Go to a store and ask a saleswoman what she would suggest for you. Women love bedding and great pillows. It will go a long way. Trust me.


Just as we dress to provide clues as to who we are, the front room of our home should further detail who we are. Are you a musician? Place your guitar in the corner. An artist? Paintings on the walls. Ever notice how a woman will start investigating your living room when she gets there? It’s because she is learning about you from your surroundings.


Have something fun and intriguing to do in your living room, such as rubics cubes, zen gardens or board games. They allow you to keep the attitude light and fun.

This subject alone is worth an entire series of articles, which maybe I will get to someday. But for now, these ideas will help you create an atmosphere that will keep a woman in the attracted state that brought her there.

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