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Why You Don’t Need to Be a Rock Star


Rock stars always get the girls. Therefore, it makes sense for guys to think that if they can be like that, they can get hot chicks any time that they want them. Truth be told, rock stars might be fun for a minute, but even the hot babes prefer a more down-to-earth guy who has something more to offer than a killer stage presence and a tattoo reminder of a drunken night on the road.

In fact, all that you need to conquer are three elements, which I like to call the three C’s: ConfidenceComfort ZonesCharm

If you can tackle these three things, you can get just as many hotties as a rock star and maybe even more.

Confidence is priority number one. If you are not confident, you will not succeed in any encounter that you have with the opposite sex. Women are unique, but they all like a man who can be confident and actually believe in himself. Faking it isn’t good enough.

You have to own yourself and your confidence and show women that you are not intimidated by them or insecure when you approach them. You have to play it cool, and you have to believe that you’re worth it. Try looking at yourself in the mirror for a couple of weeks and telling yourself that you’re cool. Don’t worry; you don’t have to tell your buddies that you’re doing this. It can be our secret. Just know that it will help boost your confidence.

Comfort zones need to be challenged. Rock stars are adventurous and live dangerously. If you always put on the same polo or dress shirt and go to the same club, you’ll meet the same average chicks forever. Take a chance. Get outside of your comfort zone. Even if your attempt is something as simple as jazzing up your wardrobe, it will make a difference.

You don’t have to do insane stunts or pull off big tricks to impress the ladies. Just be willing to step outside of what you know and try new things. Even approaching a hot chick that you normally wouldn’t dream of talking to is considered getting out of the comfort zone.

Finally, you have to work the charm. You have to be charming if you’re going to score the hottest of the hot. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a one night stand or a regular date, because you have to charm the ladies if you want to impress them like rock stars do. Being charming shouldn’t be weird, so make sure that you practice delivering compliments and saying things that will charm and impress the ladies before you go out and try it. Otherwise, you risk looking strange because your delivery isn’t confident and secure.

It doesn’t matter how cool you are when it comes to getting women. If you can nail these three elements, you can easily score the hottest girls in the room. It takes some time to perfect, but it can be done.

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