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Men are From Mars. Women are From a Galaxy Far, Far Away


No matter how you phrase it, men and women are just downright different. Once you understand that and can understand which differences are most important, you will be much more successful in getting women interested in what you have to offer. Literally speaking, we know that we’re not from a different planet than women. Intellectually, sexually, and romantically, however, we might as well be. We’re men. We only need a matter of seconds to be aroused by a woman and we don’t need a lot of intimacy to survive.

Every man wants that perfect intimate relationship, but only if it includes plenty of alone time when we can do our own thing and hang out with our buddies. Women, however, want constant love and support from a man, and have very different emotional needs. They speak metaphorically and generalize everything, making it confusing for men to keep up at times. As men, we tend to just say what we mean directly, without trying to make it sound ‘better’ or without explanation. It’s just how things are. Some men, mind you, are more sensitive and need more love and support. Likewise, some women are more autonomous and want a less intimate relationship. Generally, though, women might as well be from another galaxy because they are so very different.

Once you realize and accept this, you will be that much closer to figuring out what you want from life and how to get it. You will be able to determine exactly what you expect out of your relationships and how to approach and interact with women on a much deeper, more complex level. You might not be looking for the love of your life right now, but unless you take the time to realize the huge differences between men and women you aren’t even going to get the attention of that hot chick you’d like to take on a date. Women need men who will listen to them, support them, and understand their feelings. You can be that man if you take the time to learn.
It’s okay that we aren’t on the same page with women all the time. Furthermore, it’s okay to accept that you need to learn about women and how they work before you can be successful at the art of seduction. Learning is part of growing as a person and it will make you a better partner in the end. Regardless of whether you are trying to score a hot chick for the night or find ‘the one’, being able to distinguish between the habits and relationships of men and women will allow you to get the most out of your interactions with women of all kinds. It’s all about understanding, really, and once you have achieved that understanding your romantic life will be much richer and more successful.

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